Positive Reinforcement Training for You & Your Horse!

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Online community, coaching and courses for those who are committed to compassionate horse training and true horse happiness.

Simple step by step methods for all stages & disciplines that is sure to resonate with your heart & your horse.

Want to create a positively relaxed, connected and confident relationship with your horse?

Whether you are interested in +R, clicker training or just want a horse that wants to BE WITH YOU and DO THINGS WITH YOU in a CALM, ENGAGED JOYFUL manner, you'll find what you need to help your horse love saying yes to your requests!


The Compassionate Horse Click

A Soulful Experience for all Disciplines

We are all about positively changing how the world trains horses. That was the mission to begin with: to inspire & teach women to enjoy training their own horses kindly & effectively. When we started Compassionate Horse Click, we knew the training methodology would work from years of teaching & training experience. But, we didn't realize the positive personal transformations we experienced through the training would become an integral part of the program for others too.

We provide a safe space, encouraging women to develop & trust in their own abilities. In our program, women learn to calmly & effectively train their horses from locations around the world. The personal transformations are as unique for each member as they are positive. We are a community that cares as deeply about your relationship with you horse as you do. We have the expertise, experience & desire to help you become your horse’s favorite trainer ever. We're so fortunate to be in the midst of soulful & caring women enjoying their horses like never before.

We'd love to have you join us... Compassionate Horse Click Style!  

Our Story Could Be Yours Too

Experience the Online Course & Community, Private Online Coaching or a combination of the two. Many members who are deeply committed to successful relationships with their horses find that online coaching sessions complement their course & community experience.

Online Course & Community

More than 50 go at your own pace online trainings including: Step-by-Step Written Instructions, Videos, Demos & At-Home-Exercises. Enjoy mentorship & guidance in Online Group Meetings & Private Community, 

Online Coaching

One-on-One coaching in the comfort of your home or facility via an online platform. Enjoy personal attention in a customized private coaching program. Choose a coaching package that fits your horse's needs - on the ground or under saddle.

Become your horse's favorite trainer ever!

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